Reflections, Connections, & Technology


Nearly 15 years of posts from several different blogs, imported as-is into this new environment. Most recently, these were held at Sword Mountain, where posts took a shape suitable for Zen and Martial Arts practitioners. Removing that constraint, maybe we’ll see more freedom from form going forward.

Visit Reflections for the latest insights and lessons learned from an overly-caffeinated mind.


Here’s the long-form version of Life As It Is™ ~ the stuff that deserves a little more than a Twitter post. It’s not the theory, the philosophy, or the critical analysis ~ that’s the stuff of Reflections. It’s also not the stagecraft ~ that’s in Technology. This is the Play. This is where we Connect.

Visit Connections for the latest from Daily Life. Maybe there’s something in it that will resonate with you.


How do we set the stage to ensure that people can always connect with others and their private info will remain that way? Technology is where I do what I can to keep doors open and secrets secret. Check the Contact page for a glimpse of some of the self-hosted, FOSS services we’re running to stay in touch.

Vistit Technology for the latest project ideas & statuses, musings on Tech Policy & Politics (including Privacy & Security), puzzles I’m muddling through, etc.